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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the costs of your program? The Adult Learning Center does not charge fees for any of its services. However, the Official Practice Tests cost $6 each. If you are a student at an Adult Learning Center, you can obtain a voucher to cover the cost of the practice tests. When you register to take the GED test, you pay a $120 testing fee, payable to the testing center, not the Adult Learning Center. Scholarships may be available.


  • What score do I need to pass the GED test? Kentucky test-takers need to score a 150 on each test and 600 on the entire test battery (all four parts combined).
  • Below Passing: 100-144
  • GED® Passing Score: 145-169
  • GED® Honors Score: 170-200


  •  Where can I take the GED test? The GED test is given at Campbellsville University Technology Training Center. Taylor County Adult Learning Center will help you officially register when you are ready to take the GED test. 


  •  I have a high school diploma but I feel like I need to improve my skills. Can you help me? Yes, our program started as a GED program but has grown to include brush-up studies in reading, math and writing skills. We have many students who come in to improve their skill levels before they take an employment test or enrollment test or are referred here if they did not pass an employment test or enrollment test. 


  • What do I need to enroll? If you are 19 or older, you don't need to bring anything; if you are 18, you need a copy of your withdrawal paper from your last school. This withdrawal form is necessary because you have to turn a copy in when you take the GED test. You may call us at (270) 465-7736 to make an appointment to begin testing.


  • Where are you located? 601 David Street, Campbellsville, KY 42718


  • What does GED stand for? GED stands for the Tests of General Educational Development. The GED test is a national examination developed by the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education. 


  • Can I go to college with a GED? Yes, the GED credential is widely recognized by colleges, training schools and employers as equivalent to a high school diploma.


  • How long will it take me to get my GED? That depends on your skill level. If you have strong reading and math skills, tenth grade or above, it should not take you long to be ready to take the test. If you have areas in reading or math to go over, then it will take you a bit longer. If you can attend on a regular basis, three or more times per week for two to three hours each session, you will move through the material in a timely manner.


  • Can I just go take the GED test? No, you must come to Taylor County Adult Learning Center and pass the Official Practice GED test in each of the testing areas and write an essay. 


  • Where can I obtain a copy of my official GED transcript? Please visit


  • Where can I get more information about higher education? Please visit or talk to your instructor for more information.



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