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Dress Code

Campbellsville Elementary School

Dress Code





Appropriate dress is expected of students attending Campbellsville Elementary School. Listed below are the expectations.


  1. Any apparel that disrupts the education of students will be responded to as deemed necessary.
  2. Students may not carry or wear anything that advertises drugs, alcohol or tobacco products or promotes/suggests lewd messages, violence or violent behavior.
  3. Clothing must not have holes or tears and must have finished hems with no cut-offs or frayed edges.
  4. Sunglasses will not be worn in the school building.
  5. No head coverings are to be worn in the school building. Exceptions are given for religious or medical reasons. Hats and gloves must be removed upon entering the building.
  6. No bandannas, combs, picks or chains are to be worn in the school building.
  7. If sandals are worn, they must have a strap around the ankle. Shoe elevation may be no higher than 2 inches. No flip-flops or shoes with wheels.
  8. Key chains are not to be worn and must remain in students’ backpack or pocket.
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