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Dress Code

Campbellsville Middle School

Dress Code






At CMS, we believe student dress should be conducive to a positive school environment, not disturbing others or attracting attention unnecessarily.


Appropriateness and moderation in all things, concern for health and safety of students and avoidance of distractions to educational processes are the guiding principles of the student dress code.


The school will assume responsibility for ruling on specific items of clothing and general appearance.



  • Only twill, plaid or khaki pants, slacks, or blue jeans can be worn. Any frays or holes in jeans must be from the knee down.  Any fray in jeans that reveals skin above the knee or undergarments must be worn with additional coverings. No pajama pants will be allowed.
  • Sweatpants are allowed
  • When wearing leggings, t-shirts must be worn at fingertip length on all sides and bottom MUST be covered.

Skirts / Shorts / Capris

  • Must follow the guidelines for the pants section.
  • No slits.
  • Leggings may be worn under a skirt or a dress.
  • Shirts/Dresses worn over leggings and biker shorts must be at fingertip length on all sides.
  • Athletic shorts ARE allowed, they must be worn at the waste and the shorts must be at fingertip length when both arms and hands are to the side.


  • T-shirts will be allowed as long as the print or design of the shirt is not deemed inappropriate or a distraction to others or to the learning process. Prohibited shirts will include but not be limited to shirts displaying sexual content, drugs and alcohol, violence, Playboy bunnies and any shirt deemed inappropriate by school administration.
  • All shirts must be of sufficient length to ensure no skin is visible. This applies to neckline and waistband.
  • No sleeveless shirts.
  • Sweatshirts or sweaters can be worn over the above described shirts and must fit properly and be worn at waist level. Oversized sweatshirts must be removed.
  • Hoodies may be worn at CMS. SBDM members define hoodies as being a pull over without a full-length opening. It must be worn without excessive length.


  • Shoes must be worn that are secured to the heel and entire foot adequately to allow for safe movement and activity during the school day.
  • No house shoes, slippers, flip-flops, athletic sandals, or Heelies.
  • Crocs are allowed as long as they are secured to the heel.



  • No head apparel or wrist bands shall be worn in the building during the school day.
  • Only ear piercings or stud nose rings will be permitted (no bull rings).
  • Clothing with explicit or suggestive content, including sexual, racial, profanity, drugs, weapons, violence, tobacco, alcoholic beverages or content deemed inappropriate by school administration, will not be permitted.
  • Sunglasses will not be worn unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Hair colorings, including blue, orange, green, pink, etc., will be allowed as long as it is not distractive to the educational process and is not deemed unacceptable by school administrators.
  • No clothing or accessories with chains or sharp objects will be allowed.

Any student not dressed properly or causing a distraction in the opinion of the principal or principal’s designee is subject to being detained in the office until such time that proper clothing can be delivered to the school.


Any absence from school for improper dress will be unexcused.


If the problem remains uncorrected, the student will be removed from class, activity or school until the student corrects the problem.


The student will be subject to behavior rehabilitation or suspension if the student is defiant or the problem cannot be solved.

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