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CHS School Wide Re-Test Policy

The following policy has been put in place by the Site-Based Decision Making Council at Campbellsville High School.


This policy was written to ensure that all students have the ability to excel academically.


The policy is a school wide policy and is to be followed verbatim.


The policy is as follows:


  1. All students have the opportunity to retake a test in order to improve their comprehension of the material and test score.

  2. Before/after school remediation may be a requirement in order to retest.The process for re-teaching and/or re-testing is left up to the individual teacher.This includes the format of the re-test.

  3. Re-Test can ONLY be administered before or after school.Scheduling of a retest is the responsibility of the student, and must be done within a calendar week from the time the test was returned.Students who miss a scheduled retake opportunity due to an unexcused absence will forfeit their retake.

  4. The scores of the original test and the re-take will be calculated in such a way that the highest possible score is an average of the original score and a 100%.

  5. Students can neither obtain full credit for the test, nor can their grade be lower than the original score.

  6. Exemptions:

    1. Students enrolled in Dual Credit (DC) and or Advanced Placement (AP) courses are exempt from this policy due to the restrictions placed by Universities.Teachers are under strict guidelines for students have the ability to receive college credit for the course.Retakes will not be permitted.
    2. Nine week exams/Finals/Midterms – These exams are exempt from the policy as well.Students will not be permitted to retake nine week exam, finials, and or midterms. The goal is to get them to retain the information.Therefore these exams will be used as a summative assessment.

  7. Clause: If a student is found to be abusing this policy (i.e. - repetitvely not studying in numerous classes because they can retake) they may be exempt from the policy. This is left to the discrection of teachers and administrators.

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