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Services for Employers/NCRC

The Adult Learning Center partners with Campbellsville Employment Services to provide pre-employment testing, NCRC, and skills improvement.
Hiring new employees and promoting internal candidates can be a challenge, even for the most experienced interviewer or hiring manager. In some cases, the candidate is simply not a good fit for the position; in others, they lack crucial job-related skills. Unfortunately, sometimes these things aren’t discovered until after you’ve made a decision. Eliminate the risks involved by adding employment testing to your hiring and promoting protocols. Simply determine the job positions you want to screen for, and then decide which skills are most important for the jobs you’ve identified. Not only does this give you a good idea of what the employee is capable of, it also saves training time and funds for wages. Less training time will allow for more hourly wages, which will eventually save enough money for possibly another position.
The most common type pre-employment testing is the assessment of the TABE-9 or 10 D. Most businesses and companies require that the candidate score a certain grade point level before hiring. The test consists of reading, math, and language.
If you, as an employer, are interested in testing possible candidates, please contact us at 270-465-7736 or e-mail at tcalc@kyol.net for more information. If you simply want to test to see where you stand before applying for a job, you may also use the same contact name and phone number.
Please call to register.

•Portable credential that documents an individuals' skills to employers
•Kentucky currently recognizes 3 levels of the NCRC:     Silver, Gold & Platinum
•The NCRC is signed and supported by the Governor
•The NCRC is a product of ACT tests
The National Career Readiness Certificate was created to:
•Provide skill-based credentials to citizens to help them secure employment
•Provide employers with workers that have documented skills proficiencies
•Create a pool of certified applicants that employers can hire with confidence
  • The state did a needs analysis of companies and found they wanted:
  • Reduction in turnover
  • Reduction in overtime
  • An additional applicant screening tool
  • Outline of skill requirement
  • Improvement in communication and cooperation
The results of the National Career Readiness Certificate:
  • Training time fell from 6 months to 2 months
  • Overtime hours fell 95%
  • Scrap expenditures fell 21%
  • Profits rose by 50 times the cost of WorkKeys
  • Higher-quality workers
  • Savings in training cost
  • More internal promotions - resulting in higher company morale
A NCRC can be powerful marketing tool for learners who pass the GED and have the need to quickly obtain better paying, full-time employment.
Particularly for those who have a difficult time explaining their skills, a NCRC is something specific to discuss during a job interview.
If an employer is weighing the option of hiring several different people, the individual with a NCRC will definitely stand out from the crowd!
College Bound...
Even for learners who plan to transition to post-secondary education, the WorkKeys assessments can be helpful in selecting a career path.
Different occupational clusters require varying skill levels in mathematics, reading and writing.
Learners who match their skills and interests with appropriate careers are more likely to be successful in college and happier with the choices they have made.
·         What do I have to score to receive a NCRC?   A score of 4 in all areas for a Silver, and a score of 5 or higher in all areas for a Gold , and score of 6 for a Platinum
·         What if I don’t pass?   You can retake any of the three components, waiting only 30 days between tests.
·         How much does it cost?   The Adult learning center can offer the test free of charge. Your tax dollars at work!!
·         How do I study for the test? You can study at our Adult Learning Center (270-465-7736).
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